Introducing Tony

He is the one and only son of Don Luciano, the boss of the West Coast Cosa Nostra, located in Los Angeles. The Don has given him the opportunity to prove himself as a leader and businessmen, by putting him in charge of an establishment called “The Smoking Barrel”. The Don is aware of his son’s lack of management capabilities, but there is still hope he could improve and may be one day even become “the Don”, although Don Luciano isn’t holding any high hopes. The club was making decent money and even had a star dancer, who was pretty famous amongst the strip joint circles. Her stage name was Cherry Popz. It was going to be an easy ride to simply run the club as before and don’t screw up.

Tony however is nothing more than a violent psychopath, who is absolutely incapable of taking rational decisions and responsibilities. His ego is bigger than a football field and nothing has ever been his fault.

Introducing Clarence

Clarence is a dishonorably discharged ex-navy seal on the verge of bankruptcy, currently in the contract killing business who isn’t happy about his job, but it beats “bagger at Wallmart”.

Due to his shaky financial situation Clarence has no choice, but to accept the jobs that come straight from the Don himself and need to be handled with extreme secrecy. In the end, Clarence earns the complete trust of Don Luciano and becomes his top killer. This sure fixes Clarence’s cash flow problem, but only gets him deeper into a world he was trying to avoid.

Introducing Cherry

Cherry moves with grace through a world that sorely needs it. She sees unending good in a world that has offered her almost none of it. She works at the "Smoking Barrel" for Tony Luciano, the only light in his heart of darkness. When the Sik brothers abducted her to work at their rival club against her will, Tony's willing to tear the whole club down to get her back.